Butter Cookies

250 g All purpose flour
125 g Sugar
125 g Butter /Margarine / Ghee / Oil (If you are using oil then reduce quantity somewhat)
1 Egg
1 Tea Spoon Baking Powder
25 – 50 ml Milk (Only If needed)

1.    Preheat the oven at 200 C
2.    Grind the sugar, and then mix egg in it. Whisk them to make batter. Keep them aside.
3.    In one bowl mix flour and baking powder with hand so baking powder reaches every where.
4.    Now put Butter in flour and mix them to make fluffy dough.
5.    Add Sugar and Egg mixture / batter in dough and mix them till dough becomes smooth.
6.    IF dough is hard then pour little milk and mix it to make it soft. If
7.    it’s already soft then you don’t need to use milk.
8.    Place dough on some plain area and roll out them with rolling pin. It can be ¼ inch thick.
9.    Use cookie cutter to cut the cookies and put them in tray.
10.    Bake them till they get golden brown.

1.    Mix coconut powder in it.
2.    You can also mix crushed peanuts or almonds in it.