Chicken Nuggets / Kababs

1 Kg boneless / mince chicken
2 Medium size onion
Salt (as per taste)
Black Peeper (as per taste)
Garlic 2/3 loaf
Ginger (Small piece)
Bread (2 loaf)
2 Egg
50 g seasme seeds
100 g bread crumbs
2/3 Green Chilli

1. If you have boneless chicken, use chopper to have its minced form.
2. Finely Chop or mince the onions, green chilli, garlic and Ginger in chopper to make its paste (paste 1).
3. Mince / crush the bread loafs in chopper.  
4. Mix paste 1 in mince chicken.
5. Mix salt and black peeper in it.
6. Mix 1 egg in it.
7. Now add seasme seeds and crushed bread and mix all of them very well.
8. Put all material into refrigerator for 30 minutes.
9. Take a deep pan and fill it 1/3 with oil and keep it on high heat.
9. Make the shape of nuggets or small kababs from batter and roll them in beaten egg first and then in bread crumbs.
10. When oil is ready, deepy fry nuggets or kababs.