Chicken Roast (Fried Chicken)

1 kg Chicken (Big Pieces e.g if its a full chicken make 4 pieces of it)
1 tea spoon Salt
1 tea spoon Red Peeper
1/2 tea spoon Garam Masala
1/2 tea spoon Cumin Powder
2 Table spoon Lemon Juice
1/2 tea spoon Coriander Powder
1 table spoon paste of Ginger and Garlic paste
1 tea spoon Green Chili paste
100 g All Purpose Flour
100 g Bread Crumbs or 50 g Corn Flakes
1 Egg (Beaten)
1 cup Yogurt

1. Give deep cuts on the chicken.
2. Mix salt, red peeper, garam masala, cumin powder, Lemon Juice, coriander powder, ginger and garlic paste,
and green chili paste in the yogurt.
3. Marinate chicken with this batter and leave it for 2/3 hours.
4. Now cook the chicken in this batter (which is already applied) till water of yogurt is dry and chicken is cooked
5. Now roll the chicken in dry flour and then dip in egg. Now roll the piece into bread crumbs or corn flakes.
6. Deep fry it