Banana Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Banana Cake

175 g all purpose flour (Maida)
175 g Butter / Margarine
100 g Sugar (Grinded and in powder form)
75 g Brown Sugar
3 Eggs (If egg size is small, make it 4)
1 Tea Spoon Backing Powder
2 or 3 Banana (Depending upon size) (Meshed)
75 g Chocolate / Cocoa Powder
100 g Raisins (Chopped)

1. Mix white sugar and Butter with the help of egg beater, then gradually mix brown sugar in it.
2. Add eggs and beat more. Now add eggs and beat till eggs become the part of batter. Now add meshed banana and beat more.
3. Mix flour and baking powder in separate pan. Now Mix chocolate powder in it.
4. Add Backing Powder, chocolate and flour mixture gradually in it. Beat till you get smooth mixture. Try to avoid bubble in the batter while beating. Now add raisins in it.
5. Put in pre-heated oven for 10-20 minutes (depending upon oven).
6. Check regularly by using some thing needle or knife, If material come with it, then it needs more time.

You can use any combination of following:
1. Mix Chopped almonds and meshed banana in it
2. Use Chocolate chips or crushed chocolate
3. You can also add milk (100 ml) while putting dry ingredients, do it alternatively. Start with dry ingredients and then milk and then end at dry ingredients again.
4. 2 teaspoons cinnamon powder can also be included in dry ingredients.