Andoon ka Halwa / Egg Halva / Egg Halwa

3/4 cup Oil / Ghee
5/6 Cardamom
2 Table spoon Semolina
5 Eggs (Beaten)
3/4 cup Milk
3/4 cup Sugar
1 cup Khoya (Optional)
100 g Almonds (Optional)
100 g Pistachio (Optional)
2/3 Silver Foil (Optional)

1. On the burner at medium heat.
2. On medium heat, Heat the oil. When oil is heated, add the semolina and cook it till it gets light brown.
3. Add cardamom in it and cook shortly.
4. Now add sugar in it and cook till sugar is dissolved.
5. Now remove the pan from the fire add milk gradually. In start add very little milk (a sip) and then all the remaining gradually.
6. Put the pan on the fire again.
7. When mixture starts boiling, add half khoya.
8. Now add eggs and stir continuously.
9. When mixture start getting dry, turn the heat to high.
10. Add almonds and pistachio.
11. Cook till mixture is completely dry.
12. Garnish with silver foil, almond and pistachio.

1. Always break the egg in separate bowl first and then include it with other eggs. In this way you will avoid the incident of spoiling all eggs due to one bad / rotten egg
2. Sugar can be added after adding milk.