2-3 Tablespoon Espresso Coffee (or any other instant coffee but increase quantity)
3 Eggs
250 g Mascarpone Cheese (or Crème Fraiche)
3-4 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Pack Savoiardi Biscuits – (Lady Finger Biscuits)
6-8 Tablespoon Unsweetened Cocoa powder

1. Separate the egg yolks and whites in two different bowls
2. Whip the egg yolks with half the sugar (1-2 Tbsp) to get a light and creamy mixture (Mixture 1)
3. Mix mascarpone cheese in Mixture 1, until it becomes the part of mixture and no lumps are remaining (Mixture 2).
4. Whip egg whites with a pinch of salt, and gradually add the sugar to make glossy peaks
5. Mix beaten egg whites into Mixture 2 (preferably with a wooden spoon), gradually and gently (Mixture 3). Mixture (also called custard) made here must be thick, if its thin and not much dense, then put it into refrigerator for an hour or so.
6. Prepare the coffee with cold water by mixing coffee into half glass of water.
7. Soak the savoiardi biscuits in coffee one by one from both sides for a very short amount of time and put them into a container and complete one layer.
8. Cover the ladyfingers with a layer of custard (half custard). Level custard with a spatula
9. Sprinkle the unsweetened cocoa powder on the surface.
10. Then make the second layer of ladyfingers, if you had them vertically in first layer, put them horizontally (and vice versa).
11. Add the layer of  remaining custard and level that. Put the tiramisu in refrigerator for at least for 4 hours.
12. Either now or before serving sprinkle the cocoa powder on the surface.

1. Instead of Egg whites, whipped cream can also be used.
2. Garnish the surface with handful of chocolate chips or crushed chocolate.