Sohan Halwa / Multani Sohan Halva

125 g Sabz Ata (Green Flour / sprouted wheat flour)
250 g Ghee
500 g Maida (All purpose Flour)
1 Kg Sugar
Lemon Juice (From 4-5 Lemons)
5 Liter Milk
Almonds as required
Walnuts as required

For Garnish
Almonds, chopped
Pistachios chopped

Sabz Ata (Normally whole process takes 5 days)
1. Wash the 125g wheat with the water and put wheat in a pan. (Caution: If you wash the wheat in same pan then be sure that you have thrown all the water and water is not gathered in the bottom of pan but pot shall remain moist.) Cover the pan with its lid and leave it for 24 hours.
2. After 24 hours remove lid and shower (sprinkle) very little water with hand. Move the wheat well so all the wheat get moist. (Caution: Water shall not be gathered in the bottom of pan otherwise  wheat will be rotten. Water shall only moist the wheat so it doesn’t get dry).
3. Repeat moisturizing the wheat after every 24 hours.  (Caution: Wheat shall not get completely dry).
4. After 2-3 days small roots (sprouts) will appear.
5. Keep the wheat in the pan  for 2 more days so roots (sprouts) get long. Repeat moisturizing process after every 24 hours. (Normally it takes 4 days).
6. On the 5th day take the wheat out of the pan, spread it on a paper or cloth and dry it in shade (covered area), preferably under fan. Normally sprouted wheat takes 24 hours to get completely dry. Grind sprouted wheat and Sabz Ata is ready.

Multani Sohan Halva
1. Add  Sprouted Wheat flour, all-purpose floor, and lemon juice in cold milk.  In a deep pan start boiling milk. Stir constantly so milk is not burning.
2. Now Paneer/cheese (Fat of milk) will be separated from the water (water of milk); cook on medium low heat, constantly till all the water gets dry. (Now don’t change the heat level)
3. When water is completely dry, add sugar (all sugar at-once). Keep stirring slowly, otherwise lumps may form or it may burn, till a smooth mixture is formed.
4. When it is thick, water of sugar is completely dry, it will turn into dark brown.
5. Add ghee in the batches of 2 table-spoon every time. Keep cooking and stirring until mixture is not sticking with the  pan, leaving the sides of pan and release the ghee. Now it will move all together naturally.  Add almonds and walnuts in it and mix it well. Halva will get a solid shape now.
6. Grease a wide pan and spread halva on it evenly and let it be cool.
7. Cut the halva into the desired shapes like diamond or square pieces and garnish it with pistachios & almonds.
8. If halva is wrapped properly and kept in a dry place, halva remains preserved for 1+ month.


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  1. Puma

    Thanks for sharing this…. I’m really keen to make it… but I’ve a small doubt as to why have you mentioned ‘all purpose flour’ in the list of ingredients when it has not been used anywhere in the recipie? Please revert.

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