Cocunut and Raisins Cake

170 g all purpose flour (Maida)
80 g crushed coconut (flakes)
175 g Butter / Margarine
175 g Brown Sugar
3 Eggs (If egg size is small, make it 4)
1 Tea Spoon Backing Powder
50 g Raisins
1. Melt the butter and then mix brown sugar and Butter with the help of egg beater.
2. Add eggs and beat more.
3. Mix flour, coconut, and baking powder in separate pan. Mix them so air incorporates in flour and coconut flakes.
4. Add raisins in the egg, butter and sugar mixture. Then, add dry ingredients gradually in it. Beat till you get a smooth mixture.
5. Grease the tin and pour the batter in the tin.
6. Put the tin in pre-heated oven for 10-20 minutes (depending upon oven).
7. Check regularly by using some thing needle or knife, If material come with it, then it needs more time.