Creme de Mushroom / Cream of Mushroom soup

1/2 cup Oil+Butter
1/4 No Onion- Julienne
3 Tablespoon Ginger+Garlic-Fine chopped
1/2 cup Flour
1.5 Liter Chicken Stock
1/2 Teaspoon White Pepper
Salt to taste
2 Tablespoon Chicken Powder
200 ml Cream (30% fat)

Step I (Roux Preparation)
1. Take oil and butter in a frying pan and heat them. Moderate the heat
2. Put onion in them and light brown them
3. Now put ginger garlic paste and light brown them also.
4. Now include flour and cook until it gives aroma and get medium brown.
5. Pour chicken stock in it, also include white pepper, salt, and chicken powder.
6. Cook it approximately for 15 minutes. Taste it, and if salt or pepper is not balanced, or as per required taste, include more.

Step II (Mushroom Preparation)
1. Put a spoon of butter in a frying pan. Include sliced mushroom in it. Saute them until they get crispy.
Step III

1. Stain the liquid with the help of a muslin cloth or a large strainer.

Step IV
1. Now include cream in it.

Serving Step
1. Include mushrooms and garnish with parsley.