Arabic Rice

¼ cup Olive Oil
½ No Onion (Tarka Cutting – very thin slices)
2 Tablespoon Ginger – Julianne
1 teaspoon Paprika
1-1/2 cup chicken stock (or 1 Tablespoon Chicken Powder)
1 kg Rice
Whole Garam masala
1 teaspoon Cinnamon Powder
¼ teaspoon Garam Masala Powder
¼ cup Almonds – Boiled and skinless
¼ cup Dates – Strips
¼ cup Cashew nuts
A pinch of yellow food color
½ teaspoon Black Pepper powder
Salt – to taste
2-3 Tablespoon yogurt


  1. Include the yellow food color in yogurt and beat the yogurt.
  2. Heat the oil and when the oil is ready, put onions in it.
  3. Fry onions until they are golden brown.
  4. Include Ginger and fry it.
  5. Include whole garam masala, paprika, black pepper and salt and cook for a while.
  6. When spices are cooked, include stock and water according to the rice in it. If stock is not available, replace it with water
  7. and include chicken powder in it.
  8. Cover the pan and cook it for a while.
  9. When the water is boiling, include rice in it.
  10. When the rice are ready to steam, sprinkle garam masala powder and mix it well.
  11. Put the dry fruits in one corner.
  12. Put yogurt on dry fruit and steam the rice.
  13. When the rice are ready, mix them well.
  14. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on it.
Onion in Tarka cutting  - Ready to fry
Onion in Tarka cutting – Ready to fry
Rice before steaming
Rice before steaming
Ready Rice
Ready Rice
Chicken Mandi with Arabian rice
Chicken Mandi with Arabian rice