Conversion Chart for Baking

Small: below 53g
Midsize: from 53g to 63g
Large: from 63g to 73g
Very large: 73g or more
An egg is about 50 grams, about 20 grams is yolk and 30 grams is white.

Sometimes  recipes are in grams or deciliter.

1 dl of following some commodities weigh approximately:

Water 100 g
Milk 100 g
Coffee  100 g
Oil 90 g

Wheat flour 60 g
Graham flour 60 g
Rye flour 60 g

Crushed Rye 70 g
Crushed Wheat 70 g
Rolled oats 35 g

Sea salt 100 g
Salt 120 g

Granulated sugar 100 g
brown sugar 80 g
Sugar 80 g
Honey 140 g
Syrup 140 g

Sesame seeds 70 g
Linseed 70 g
Sunflower Kernels 75 g
Pumpkin seeds 75 g

Walnuts 55 g
Hazelnuts 65 g
Raisins 60 g

Grated cheese 50 g


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